shovelin’ slugs.

My host family borrowed a trailer from a friend and today’s
task was to transport the pile of compost, tree branches, leaves, etc. that had
accumulated in the corner of the yard over three years time.

I shoveled spastic worms, sluggy slugs, disgusting maggots,
a salamander, a Pepsi Max can, non poisonous spiders (New Zealand only has one dangerous kind of
spider!), all while listening to the cooing of my new friend, the tui bird (kind of sounds like a chicken cluck).

We lifted, transported, and unloaded 698 kg (1538.83 lbs) of green waste.
I was completely exhausted.

As a kiwi with a Gerard Butler type accent (and a John Goodman type face) helped us unload
the trailer, I smiled thinking, here I am at a New Zealand dump, covered in
mud. I’m already learning a lot. The light switches are off when they’re
flipped up, opposite to the US. Yachting is HUGE and I’m glad my dad prepped
me. It was almost sad to see America win today, since I’m not sure we much care
over there, and I was told all of New Zealand stops what they’re doing to cheer
their team on.

New Zealand’s Got Talent looks familiar. 

I’ve seen flowers I have only seen in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. So bright and fluffy and they look like the eat insects as they fly by.

Kiwis are very laid back. If they say they have to be somewhere
at 1:30, they will leave the house around 1:35. Being George Hardin’s daughter,
this is tough for me.

This sweet family is currently meat, gluten, and dairy free. The food is delicious, but I miss coffee and biscuits. And bacon. What I really want is some Sunny Point bacon. I have some Starbucks VIA packets thanks to my lovely Mandy, and I am forever grateful. Seriously. Forever will I be grateful.

My sleep schedule is still off. I was up this morning around
5, which is not normal for me! I slipped out to see the sunrise with the plan
of getting back in bed soon after. As I was standing there in the dark, waiting, a black
cat rubbed against my leg and I’m not sure what I thought it was, but my heart
was beating much too quickly to lay back down.

I didn’t get to explore any today, so I hope to get more
photos for you tomorrow. The drive to the dump was glorious. Truly.


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