It’s a strange thing, living with people you’ve chosen from
a web profile. I’ve been with this sweet family for 4 days now. I know what
they call their remote control, who loses said remote most often, how they hang
up their pajamas on the clothesline, and where the cloves of garlic are kept. I know this family fairly well now after being their help.

Somewhat ironically, we all piled on the couch tonight and
watched The Help. It was less ironic since they treat me like a member of the
family, not someone to just vacuum, sweep, and de-slug the yard. They are truly
delightful and they speak with such grace and elegance, I’m quite envious.

Today was a wonderful day. We went to church and headed out
to several different beaches. One to picnic, one to tramp (hike), and one to
just admire. Here’s the evidence:

2 thoughts on “mote/dial/controller.

  1. I am so glad you are off to a great start and enjoying your host family. It’s absolutely beautiful! Don’t forget you promised you Will come back Home! 🙂

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