I’ve not spent two waking hours in a row away from Kasey or Brittany since September 26th. Sometimes the three of us are in a small bedroom and our luggage takes up more than 75% of it. We chat, we drive, we laugh, we eat, we hike, and sometimes we dance if it’s Christmas Eve.

We are currently staying at Te Anau Lakeview Kiwi Holiday Park. We passed a Te Anau Kiwi Holiday Park but it was missing the important word “Lakeview”, so we kept driving. Then we saw the sign for Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park and I joked that the word “kiwi” was missing so we better keep going. We made it to the right place. Needless to say, but here I go saying it, we’re staying on a lake. We made coffee and Kasey said, “I’m going out to check out this lake and sunset situation.” I put on my matching jacket and grabbed my matching cup of coffee and went out to join her.

I moved my chair closer to hers. I leaned back, took in the view, and sighed. “Kasey. Tell me, how have you been? What have you been up to?”

Kasey, “So much. And what about you? We never get to just hang out anymore.”

Beth, “I know. The day to day gets in the way, you know?”

Kasey, “Mm hmm. The daily grind. I mean, I see what you’re doing on facebook and I ‘like’ it, but do I really know? No, you know?”

Beth, “I know, I know. I’m glad we’re taking this time to just sit and enjoy each other’s company.”



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