rob roy, oh boy.

We went on an incredible hour hike today in Wanaka, the Rob Roy Glacier Track. The hour drive there was epic and what Barney Stinson would call “legen…dairy.” Cows were blocking our way, sheep were on their way to the “baaaa” (kiwis pronounce “bar” like Bostonians, without the ‘r’), waterfalls were flowing from gigantic cliff sides, and glacial rivers kept the cows hydrated. We had to cross fords (small rivers that cross the road), and it was a thrill like a ride at Universal. I closed my eyes each time, but Nana always comes through for us.

I like hiking with people who I know aren’t judging me if I need to take breaks. It’s nice to not have to use excuses like, “I’m going to take a picture” or “I need to tie my shoes” when I’m out of breath and we’re near nothing I should photograph and my shoes are already tightly tied. We hiked 600m and it was beautifully exhausting for sure. The water was safe to drink and we filled our water bottles with ice cold glacier water from the river. I love the feeling of being nestled in between huge mountains and in my fatigue, I glanced up and inhaled a breath of fresh air. When we got to the top, we ate our lemon pepper tuna and basked in the sun next to a humongous glacier. I asked the girls if they had counted the waterfalls flowing from the glacier yet and when Brittany started, we heard an avalanche and it looked like another waterfall, but we could hear the load rumbling and the snow fell rapidly. Fourteen waterfalls flowing from the glacier.

We saw Daniel Goforth and Ashley Bosonetto’s dopplegangers on top of the mountain. Needless to say, they were unbelievably attractive and we used Kasey’s creeper lens to get photos. We’re traveling with Caroline from Ireland, who is a dead ringer for one of my favorite people in the world, Amanda Julius from Mast. If you’re reading this, I miss you, Mandy!


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