darn kids.

Last week, I was sitting with a two-year-old baby. His grandma was still in the house before heading to work. I grabbed a puzzle and she said, “Oh that one is really hard. I shouldn’t have ever gotten it. Too hard.” Of course this made me want to dominate the puzzle. Each piece was a block so there were four possible puzzle pictures. I completed at least two of them in mere minutes because I went to Mars Hill University. Then the two-year-old switched a couple pieces around on his way to play with Thomas the train.

A few hours later, the grandma came back home and saw the almost complete puzzle and looked at me, tilted her head, and said, “Yeah, it’s tough. It’s a hard one to do.”

I laughed and almost said, “I had it! I did the kid’s puzzle! I’m awesome!” but realized how pathetic it’d sound. So I at least wanted to tell you guys.

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