12 passengers.

A couple of wanderlusts around my age came in to the store with a twinkle in their eyes. They were getting ready for an adventure, flying off to their own Neverland. They had both quit their jobs days before and were trying on boots and backpacks for an All Around America roadtrip. Once they complete the US, they are going in search of the endless summer and hopping over to Australia. I spent about an hour chatting and dreaming and laughing with my new friends who were leaving me in days. I learned they were meeting three more of their friends for this adventure and they were taking a 12 passenger bus.

I said, “Oh so you have room for a petite blonde?!”

New friend said, “Gosh I hope she goes with us.”

It was Saturday and they were leaving on Wednesday. I laughed. Then tilted my head as if to really consider it. If my bank account wasn’t nearing empty, I would’ve really gotten their contact information and started trying on new backpacks myself. Sigh.

It helps to know I’m working toward my own new adventure.

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