\ GEYP-seed, GAP- \  , noun; 

1. British Dialect . a person who gapes or stares in wonder, especially a rustic or unworldly person who is easily awed.
2. British Dialect . a daydream or reverie.
3. British Dialect . an idealistic, impossible, or unreal plan or goal.
4. British Dialect . something that is gaped at; anything unusual or remarkable.
What a fantastic word. I do not always label myself as “rustic” or “unworldly” but I do gape and stare in wonder. Just half an hour ago at Starbucks, I was leaning against the wall waiting for my Americano and gaping at those around me. The thirsty people were working on laptops, checking out the “Wanted” signs on the bulletin board, or swiping through newsfeeds on phones. The barista set a tall double shot espresso on the counter. A man dressed in a batman shirt two sizes too small grabbed the cup and took a massive gulp. Then he took a rapid breath, and took two more gulps. He gasped and threw the red cup away, looking like he won whatever contest he was entered in. Then the barista set a grande latte on the counter and chubby Batman took it aggressively and walked out with an unnecessary amount of energy.

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