1. any one of the 12 legendary peers or knightly champions in attendance on Charlemagne.
  2. any knightly or heroic champion.
  3. any determined advocate or defender of a noble cause.

The Animal Shelter of Wood River is so wonderful. They are warm and talented and caring and Pal was treated so well there. When I picked him up in February, they sent me home with enough of his medicine to last almost eleven months. Just yesterday, I started the refill process. While I was looking at one bottle, I noticed that beside “Patient Name”, it read “Paladin.” Hmm. Have I not known my dog’s full name until now? I smiled, made the refill, and then went to hang out with my friend, Shannon. I told her about it and then looked up the definition of paladin.

“This is perfect, that my guy would have an obscure name like this, a word-of-the-day-worthy kind of name.”

He is a champion and he’s quite handsome and mighty knightly, a defender of noble causes (protecting his small gal).

The best part of this discovery is that now I know how to let him know I’m serious.




2 thoughts on “paladin.

  1. Now I know what paladin means, after all these years.

    When I was a kid, there was a TV show called, “Palidin..(Have Gun Will Travel).

    Long before your time.

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