\ GEYP-seed, GAP- \  , noun;  1. British Dialect . a person who gapes or stares in wonder, especially a rustic or unworldly person who is easily awed. 2. British Dialect . a daydream or reverie. 3. British Dialect . an idealistic, impossible, or unreal plan or goal. 4. British Dialect . something that is gaped at; anything unusual orContinue reading “gapeseed.”

answers to rhetorical questions.

While watching a train go around a track with a two year old for two hours, I thought I’d answer some rhetorical questions in my head. Where does the time go? I like to think sweet time goes into little memory rooms. That’s why “time flies when you’re having fun.” Your mind knows you’ll wantContinue reading “answers to rhetorical questions.”

fake eyelashes.

List after list, orange flowers and yellow hair pins, excitement and butterflies, constant bridesmaid laughter, handsome groomsmen donned in Air Force uniform, unforgettable introductions from new friends and hugs from old friends, dancing and twirling the flower girl around the dance floor, a bride more beautiful than one could’ve even imagined. Then all of aContinue reading “fake eyelashes.”

jay and the gre and the red backpack.

I am sitting in the lobby of the extravagant Grand Hyatt overlooking the Causeway in Tampa. When I entered donning my red Osprey backpack, the man at the door asked, “Have you registered at the hotel?” I kind of heard him, but wasn’t sure what he said, but instead of saying “Pardon?” or “Excuse me?”Continue reading “jay and the gre and the red backpack.”