[uh–gran-dahyz, ag-ruh n-dahyz] verb (used with object), aggrandized, aggrandizing. to widen in scope; increase in size or intensity; enlarge; extend. to make great or greater in power, wealth, rank, or honor. to make (something) appear greater. When I want to aggrandize my day, when I need to widen the scope, enlarge my perspective, and bask in something greater, I race to the sunset on the Gulf coast. Sometimes I give myself plenty of time and it’s not a race. I walk around Crystal Beach, set upContinue reading “aggrandize.”


[uhn-ree-al-i-tee] noun, plural unrealities. 1. lack of reality; quality of being unreal. 2. something that is unreal, invalid, imaginary, or illusory. 3. incompetence or impracticality, especially in everyday matters. Ever since my note was delivered to the barista to give to Derek Jeter, I’ve wondered if he’s received it. I got to stop wondering yesterday. The door bell to Tampa BayContinue reading “unreality.”


[suhd-zer] noun, Informal. a soap opera. any movie, play, or the like that is designed to provoke a tearful response. This is not a sudser, it is a reason for my absence. I cannot look at a computer for more than twenty minutes without a stupid amount of eye pain for the rest of the day. I also have an appealing formation on my eye, and have for a while,Continue reading “sudser.”


[kwid-nuhngk] noun a person who is eager to know the latest news and gossip; a gossip or busybody. Did you guys hear the news about the quidnunc? Yeah, me neither. I try to not be one. I know at times though, I soak it up like a brand new sponge that’s been waiting for a purpose. Usually when I’m sitting at a coffee house alone, I can’t help butContinue reading “quidnunc.”


[siz–uh m, skiz-] noun division or disunion, especially into mutually opposed parties. the parties so formed. Ecclesiastical. Isn’t it funny to see someone nonchalantly feed the seagulls? As a Florida kid, I heard “Do not feed the seagulls! You must never feed the seagulls!” over and over growing up. Seagulls will not leave you alone. They beg and get aggressive and really squelch a relaxing time atContinue reading “schism.”


[ruhb-er-nek] Informal. verb 1. to look about or stare with great curiosity, as by craning the neck or turning the head. noun, Also, rubbernecker: 2. a sightseer; tourist. 3. an extremely curious person. I am not a Yankee fan, but I am a Derek Jeter fan. He’s a handsome son of a gun with a good heart (I guess I don’t know that really, but who will disagree?) When he retired, the tribute commercials made me cry alongContinue reading “rubberneck.”


[hahyd-bound] adjective narrow and rigid in opinion; inflexible. oriented toward or confined to the past; extremely conservative. I’ve been exceptionally lucky to spend a lot of time with my grandparents over the last year between trips. I know not every gal in her twenties gets this luxury. After suffering a stroke last year and being diagnosed with dementia, my grandpa’s short term memory is nearly nonexistent. But everyContinue reading “hidebound.”


[loh-gee] adjective, logier, logiest. lacking physical or mental energy or vitality; sluggish; dull; lethargic. I have had a logy heaviness lately. I think it started in Denver due to allergies and traffic and what was left of my energy faded away with every mile on the drive to Oklahoma City. My stay there was lovely, though I wish I had been more entertaining to myContinue reading “logy.”


[rap-sod-ik] adjective extravagantly enthusiastic; ecstatic. pertaining to, characteristic of, or of the nature or form of rhapsody. While driving through the Smoky Mountains to get to Asheville, green overwhelmed me until I was utterly rhapsodic. There were so many different shades, I took my sunglasses off to make sure I was seeing it right. Highlighter green, deep kale green, Ninja Turtle green–it was overwhelming compared to the everContinue reading “rhapsodic.”


\ kon-sang-GWIN-i-tee \  , noun;  close relationship or connection. relationship by descent from a common ancestor; kinship (distinguished from affinity). Do you know how silence is sometimes the only appropriate response because words make the moment…less than? It’s like that tough feeling of having to chat about trivial things after watching a powerful movie. Or finishing a book that made your heart soar, then someone wanting to talk about the weather. ChristmasContinue reading “consanguinity.”