espresso and eleven hours of sleep.

Today I feel a bit unstoppable. I am not sure if it’s the lovely weather, or the fact that I got eleven hours of sleep last night, or the Americano in my system. But it’s nice. My attitude is top notch and I’ve really been noticing how this has impacted every interaction I have. WithContinue reading “espresso and eleven hours of sleep.”

answers to rhetorical questions.

While watching a train go around a track with a two year old for two hours, I thought I’d answer some rhetorical questions in my head. Where does the time go? I like to think sweet time goes into little memory rooms. That’s why “time flies when you’re having fun.” Your mind knows you’ll wantContinue reading “answers to rhetorical questions.”

c’est la vie, Shakespeare.

I was joking with friends over too many cups of coffee about how it never works when I’m “set up” with someone. It’s complicated, because I’ll end up falling for that person’s friend or their godfather instead of the person “intended” for me and then it’s a real mess. If everything had been left alone, IContinue reading “c’est la vie, Shakespeare.”