fake eyelashes.

List after list, orange flowers and yellow hair pins, excitement and butterflies, constant bridesmaid laughter, handsome groomsmen donned in Air Force uniform, unforgettable introductions from new friends and hugs from old friends, dancing and twirling the flower girl around the dance floor, a bride more beautiful than one could’ve even imagined. Then all of aContinue reading “fake eyelashes.”

coffee cup sleeves.

Oprah’s quote on my Starbucks Americano cup reads: “Be more splendid. Be more extraordinary. Use every moment to fill yourself up.” My first cynical thought was “duh, Oprah.” But really, when I over-analyze it, like I do with most things, I realized why it was so true and why Oprah has been successful enough toContinue reading “coffee cup sleeves.”

abnormally tall fixtures.

I started work today at the outfitters store. Learning a new place full of new people and new products results in a bit of information overload. I know within a couple weeks it’ll all be normal, like using your ring finger to hit your blinker as you steer. Today was very positive. I feel likeContinue reading “abnormally tall fixtures.”