first thoughts at 28.

Auckland, thus far, has completely taken my breath away. I am staying on a thin peninsula on the north shore that is completely surrounded by fourteen gorgeous beaches. These are beaches that look like Aslan is just hanging out under the rocks, waiting for that little mouse to want his tail back. I will postContinue reading “first thoughts at 28.”

limited time only! ah!!!

I am an advertiser’s dream customer. Call it “limited time only”, and I treat the product like it’s gold. Especially when it’s delicious gold, like pumpkin spice lattes or pumpkin ales or pumpkin cheesecake. So we are flying into New Zealand during their spring, missing the peak of US fall. But then I got toContinue reading “limited time only! ah!!!”

informative! perhaps.

I reckon I should be more informative with this blog. I imagine it’d be helpful for future working-holiday-ers to have a “what I did a month before I left” list. Instead, I’ve been rambling about random thoughts, which is definitely more my style. I’ve never been known as “the informative blogger.”  So here’s a littleContinue reading “informative! perhaps.”