[huhm-buh l-brag] noun a statement intended as a boast or brag but disguised by a humble apology, complaint, etc. It’s so funny that this was just the word of the day. I was too tired to blog about humblebrag, because I was completely worn out from running ten miles in the 62 mile Sawtooth Relay through rain, snow, sleet, and hail. I’m cracking myself up because I can’t even humblebragContinue reading “humblebrag.”


[awrt] noun Usually, orts. a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal. When a customer leaves behind orts on their plate and they say something like, “Oh, I tried! I just couldn’t finish the huge Idaho spud!” I like to wink and say, “You’ve got to leave a little behind to have a little behind.” I usually walk away before hearing their response soContinue reading “ort.”


[yey-sey-er] noun a person with an optimistic and confident outlook. a person who habitually agrees with or is submissive to others. President’s Weekend has lasted all week in Ketchum–the weekend mentality, the smiles, countless families on vacation gathering to eat at the Pioneer. After meeting an exceptional family from Seattle, I shook my head in disbelief as I said to my coworker, “Have you had outrageously kind people lately? These families are lovely.”Continue reading “yeasayer.”


[puh–ral–uh-jahyz] verb (used without object), paralogized, paralogizing. 1. to draw conclusions that do not follow logically from a given set of assumptions.  January and February have been chock full of men on ski trips dropping in the saloon for Grand Teton session ales. Several nights ago, fifteen men gathered for their Superbowl and Ski weekendContinue reading “paralogize.”


[sim-pah-ti-koh, –pat-i-] adjective congenial or like-minded; likable. “Good evening, gentlemen,” I say as I set sourdough bread down on the seemingly full table. “It looks like you are set on drinks?” I have three other new tables and am trying to remember the drink order from table 17. Table 14 needs bread. More water onContinue reading “simpatico.”


[krep-i-teyt] verb (used without object), crepitated, crepitating. to make a crackling sound. A crepitating fire soothes and invigorates and mesmerizes. It is a night’s entertainment when I’m lucky. The crackle sound is so distinct and warming and goes perfectly next to a cup of tea and big fluffy polar bear. In Ketchum, Idaho, fireplaces are very common. There’s one at Java Coffee House,Continue reading “crepitate.”