[wil-oh-waks] noun, New England. 1. a wooded, uninhabited area. Snowshoeing through the willowwacks can be enjoyable to the max–pack up a sack and don’t look back as you head to the willowwacks. It staves off anxiety attacks and limits chances of being surrounded by quacks. There’s not much the willowwacks lacks. These are facts and happinessContinue reading “willowwacks.”


[tah-nuh n-boum; English tan–uh n-boum] noun, plural Tannenbäume  [tah-nuh n-boi-muh] (Show IPA). English, Tannenbaums. German. a Christmas tree. It was a very Idahoey, wintery, Christmasy thing to do, so we poured hot dark coffee in thermoses, brought my last Cold Mountain into the cold mountains, and trudged through the snowy forest to find the perfect Tannenbaums. It was only $10 for a permit to go intoContinue reading “Tannenbaum.”


[kwoh-tid-ee-uh n] adjective daily. usual or customary; everyday. ordinary; commonplace. I think quotidian Netflix has the power to ruin your life. Perhaps not drastically, but harm nonetheless. That’s a lot of power for a website. But I tell you what, I was about 65% happier before I had access to thousands of shows at the click of a button. SometimesContinue reading “quotidian.”


[thuhn-der-struhk] adjective overcome with consternation; confounded; astounded. struck by a thunderbolt. I can’t imagine not having my big polar bear. I’d be “small gal” without the “big pal”. Super boring. Pal is mostly an obedient boy, but only so when there isn’t a chipmunk in sight. I think I just need tips on being the alpha and the leaderContinue reading “thunderstruck.”