The boys, ages 9 and 11, are impossibly cute. They look like mini surfer dudes. They love driving their dad’s tractor while pulling the other by a rope tied to his bike. I find the youngest one studying me often, over breakfast (“breakie” here) or while I’m weeding or while I’m grating some cheese. IContinue reading “blondies.”

almost got a dog.

I’ve been without Nana the Toyota for a week now. Luckily, I’ve been “stuck” in really beautiful places. I enjoyed playing with these sweet kiddos and taking many walks along this road that hugs the peninsula: I’m back at Glenda’s (owner of Knight the handsome dog) and am about a 25 minute walk from theContinue reading “almost got a dog.”

number 19.

We have worked at 18 different places, and tomorrow starts the 19th for me. 19 different personalities (although one host had at least three all on his own), 19 different pantries, towns, stories, favorite dishes, idiosyncrasies, ways of hanging up their clothes, and 19 different perspectives on New Zealand. The place I think about whenContinue reading “number 19.”