rob roy, oh boy.

We went on an incredible hour hike today in Wanaka, the Rob Roy Glacier Track. The hour drive there was epic and what Barney Stinson would call “legen…dairy.” Cows were blocking our way, sheep were on their way to the “baaaa” (kiwis pronounce “bar” like Bostonians, without the ‘r’), waterfalls were flowing from gigantic cliffContinue reading “rob roy, oh boy.”

it’s all comin’ together.

I feel like today could be the first day of the rest of my literary life. Did that come across too strongly? Brittany found a job for us near Wanaka and the host is a beautiful travel writer who also just finished her first teenage novel. To top it all off, Carla recently opened herContinue reading “it’s all comin’ together.”

wabbits from wanaka.

We’re currently in Wanaka on the west coast near the Southern Alps. It’s a town we’ve been anxious to get to and it’s living up to every expectation so far. The only negative part is the work we’re doing: killing rabbits. I’ve loved rabbits since Ms. Zaremski’s 4th grade class bunny named Hershey. I beggedContinue reading “wabbits from wanaka.”

pancake rocks with a little bit of sunset on top.

We left lovely Golden Bay to head down the west coast. We took the scenic route along the water (next to huge mountains) in order to see a rock formation dubbed the Pancake Rocks. We stopped at the one hoppin’ restaurant in town and ordered the cheapest things we could find. 54 minutes later, weContinue reading “pancake rocks with a little bit of sunset on top.”